Our versions of paella start with a large pan of “Bomba” rice cooked over an open wood burning fire with sofrito and a richly flavored stock. At the end of cooking we achieve the socarratt or the toasted crispy layer on the bottom of the paella pan. All other ingredients can be tailored specifically to the customer’s specifications. Using the highest quality ingredients is of the utmost importance. We also offer untraditional paellas with different flavor profiles from around the world using the same wood fired cooking method. These events start with a few “tapas”, family style salads and the wood-fired paella. We look forward to creating a unique culinary experience for our guests.

Traditional Paellas

Seafood Paella
Local Chicken, Chorizo, and Seafood

Paella Valenciana
Local Rabbit, Snails, and Romano Beans

Paella Negra
Gulf Shrimp, Monterey Bay Squid, Squid Ink

Untraditional Paellas

Asian Paella
Chinese Sausage, Scallion, Pork Belly, Clams, Chili

Eastern European Paella
Pork Cheek, House Fermented Sauerkraut, Paprika, Lemon Cream

Middle Eastern Paella
Merguez Sausage, Gulf Shrimp, Pickled Grape Leaves, Chickpeas, Harissa Yogurt

Lobster Paella
Maine Lobster, Saffron, Garlic Aioli